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Video Surveillance Solutions

integraONE proudly offers video surveillance solutions, installation, support and consulting services to organizations of all sizes. We are a certified Axis Communications partner with extensive experience in video surveillance and security camera deployments. We sell, install, configure, support and maintain Axis Communications solutions from small, single camera applications all the way up to multi-location, enterprise projects. If you are looking to install a sucurity camera solution for your business, we can help make your project a success.

Take security to the next level

Keep your large or complex site safe with an advanced security and surveillance solution based on Axis’ open IP products. Combine them with hardware and software from our wide range of partners to create a customized or specialized solution that meets your business and operational needs – whether it is for an airport, public transportation, city surveillance, or any other complex installation.

Will it work for you?

Yes. All of our solutions are designed with open IP standards that mean they can easily connect with your existing IT equipment. They’re flexible and scalable, and will work out of the box with your network, routers, screens, computers, tablets and smartphones.

Available Options
  • Access control functionality
  • Analytics and other applications
  • Network video on your analog system with Axis video encoders
  • Identification and entry
  • Enhance your system with added microphones and speakers for two-way audio communication