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Cisco: New Frontiers - IT innovations in 5 minutes.

Watch this five part video series from Cisco and meet the engineers behind the latest network innovations.

Episode 1 - Quality of Service (QoS) without the pain
Episode 2 - Don't fly blind: analytics in real time
Episode 3 - Anti-aging treatment for your network
Episode 4 - Safe IoT: Easy network segmentation
Episode 5 - The Network. Intuitive. 

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Cylance: How to Secure Personal Mobile Devices (without making your employees hate you)

Personal Devices – Are Used for Work by Both Remote and On-site Employees… a Lot

It’s no surprise that more people than ever before are bringing their personal devices into work in 2017 and, unless you’re a bank or a government agency, you’re most likely not stopping your employees from this behavior. You want to keep your employees happy, inspired, and productive, making it as easy as possible for them to get their work done while staying connected to their family and friends.

There are, of course, major security risks that you must defend your organization against now that this practice has multiplied your attack surface by the hundreds, if not thousands. Let’s talk a bit more about the changes that have happened in recent years in order to grasp the challenges presented by our ever-changing work environment.

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August Blog: Why you probably need a Web Application Firewall

by Brad Rudisail, MCITP, MCSE, Virtualization Administrator, Network Engineer

While Ransomware stole most of the cybersecurity headlines in 2016, data breaches continued to plague companies and institutions at a record setting rate.  4,149 data breaches resulted in the compromise of more than 4.2 billion records, shattering the record set in 2013 of just over 1 billion.  According to a global study compiled by IBM and the Ponemon Institute entitled, The 2017 Cost of Data Breach, the total cost of a data breach is $3.62 million on average. The average cost per data record is $141.  The United States is the most expensive country with an overall cost of $7.35 million due to the aftermath costs of litigation and lost business.  What’s more, according to the study, there is a 26 percent probability a company will have a data breach involving a minimum of 10,000 lost or stolen records over a 24-month period.  Those are not very good odds.

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Quantifying Data Center Inefficiency: Making the Case for Composable Infrastructure
Digital transformation requires the ability to run next-generation applications alongside legacy apps, which in turn requires IT departments to manage “infrastructure duality.” IDC recently conducted a study on datacenter infrastructure and operations efficiency among medium-sized and large enterprises, which found that nearly all datacenters in enterprise IT have areas where efficiency can be improved.

Read this report to find out how solutions such as HPE Synergy can help you optimize your IT operations so that your business can thrive in the idea economy.

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July Blog: The Simple, Powerful, Complete Solution Called Hyperconvergence

There is an evolution in today’s datacenter that is beginning to take hold.  It is called hyperconvergence infrastructure.  The past couple of years have seen hyperconverged solutions developing at an incredibly rapid pace and taking hold in data centers of all sizes.  The incentive behind this movement is simple.  IT can no longer simply function as a support unit that expends the bulk of its resources performing mindless tasks in order to maintain proprietary equipment.    Due to the convergence of several paradigm-changing events such as the vast migration to the cloud, the global digital transformation and the consumerization of IT, the function of IT is changing along with the world.  IT must concentrate on value added projects that contribute directly to the profitability and success of the company.  To do this requires speed and agility.

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June Blog: Fortinet Offers Blanket Protection Against WannaCry
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Check out highlights from the 2017 HPE Discover Conference in Las Vegas!

Check out the highlights, sessions, and on demand content from the 2017 HPE Discover Conference in Las Vegas!


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May Blog: Microsoft Gets Serious about Education
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April Blog - Great Security Tools from Microsoft

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Learn how HPE is inventing the future of computing at HPE Discover, June 5-8

Accelerating your outcomes from Digital Transformation - HPE is focused on helping enterprises accelerate their digital transformation with their expertise in helping enterprises architect, deploy and optimize your technology environments and IT strategies. HPE expertise spans business and IT strategy, helping transform IT to deliver real-time services and drive business outcomes.

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