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HP Converged Storage

Storage without boundaries

Virtually everything in your business and your datacenter comes down to information — how to serve information to your applications and users, how to secure information and reduce risk and how to extract more value from information so you are more competitive.

HP believes the only way to meet business needs effectively is with modern storage designs that break down traditional IT boundaries to better meet unpredictable demands. This is the fundamental premise behind HP Converged Storage.

HP Converged Storage helps you address virtualization, cloud and Big Data challenges so you can spend less time and money on storage and more on innovations that drive additional value for your business.

Within our portfolio, we are developing polymorphic designs capable of conforming to any need, at any scale, across information serving, protection, retention and analytics.

HP Converged Storage uses modern storage architectures built on:
• Standardized platforms that use common, modular, x86-based hardware to lower cost and simplify data center operational processes

• Federated, scale-out software to give you virtualized storage that supports non-disruptive growth and data mobility

• Converged management that automates IT and accelerates application delivery from client to cloud

With HP Converged Storage, you can:
• Deploy highly available and scalable storage on the same infrastructure that powers your business applications

• Non-disruptively scale performance and capacity for any data type (block, object or file), workload, or capacity point

• Benefit from a rich set of data services to enhance availability, performance, and utilization.

• HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage

• HP StoreOnce Backup

• HP StoreVirtual Storage

• HP StoreVirtual VSA

• HP StoreAll Storage

• HP StoreEasy Storage

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