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College Grant Program

integraONE College Grant Program

integraONE has been addressing the evolving technology needs of the higher education community for over 27 years, with industry leading IT solutions that help build and continually grow a collaborative and engaging learning environment, while keeping data center sprawl and operational costs under control.

We understand the value of creating partnerships with our clients in order to meet the challenges they face and provide critical technology to both the students and the academic institutions we serve. In order to expand on our partnership with our higher education clients, we created the College Grant Program in 1999. The College Grant Program has been a great success and is highly praised by our higher education clients. To date, we have granted back more than $1.5M to participating institutions.

How it Works

The program is an extension of our commitment to higher education and offers a significant benefit to our clients as a small thank you for partnering with us.

Participants in the program receive a percentage of their annual purchases with us returned to them as a grant. They use these funds to assist a specific student or group of students with financial need, reward students who have achieved academic excellence, or help support a department within their oganization. The choice of grant recipient is entirely up to the school.

Our Commitment

The purpose of the College Grant Program is to strengthen our partnership with our higher education clients and help them meet the many challenges they face. Together we’re committed to the same goal— to providing the latest technology to students and offering them the opportunity to receive the best education possible.

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